Custom Rolling Paper Manufacturer 


Leading High-Quality Custom Rolling Paper Manufacturer 

Golden Leaf Packaging Material Co., Limited is an RYO and CBD machinery manufacturer and exporter with a global reputation. Cones, rolling sheets, CBD equipment, and other related things are among our manufacturing and exporting specialties. As a custom rolling paper manufacturer, we ensure we give the right quality that you can present to your consumer in the best way. We have over 20 years of expertise in the market and can provide a customized solution to fit your specific needs.

What Sets Us Apart from the Other Rolling Papers Suppliers?

As part of our goal of “Better product, Better service, Better living,” we consider unique requests or revisions from our customers. We can adapt and modify products to match your specific demands, and we can personalize any product to your specifications. This is why you should choose us above the other rolling papers suppliers. In China, we are also among the well-known inner frame paper suppliers.

Qualities of Our Rolling Papers

Easy to Roll

As your custom rolling paper manufacturer, our rolling papers have a special thin glue line to give them a perfect seal. Whether you roll it the old-fashioned way or by a machine, you can make the perfect cigarette through the best-selling rolling papers suppliers.

Slow Burn Speed

Through us, the smokers can now enjoy smoking for a longer time and we, as a reputable custom rolling paper manufacturer, assure your clients get the best product. Our rolling papers provide a slow burn speed to prevent runs. 


Our product is the main reason we stand out from the rest of the rolling papers suppliers in China. Our rolling paper is perfect for regular rolls. 



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