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Leading Aluminum Foil Paper Manufacturers in China

Golden Leaf Packaging Material Co., Limited is an RYO and CBD machinery manufacturer and exporter with a global reputation. Cones, rolling sheets, CBD equipment, and other related commodities are among our manufacturing and exporting specialties. We, as among the leading aluminum foil paper manufacturers, have over 20 years of experience in the related industry and can give a flexible solution to your individual needs. We are a reputable aluminum foil paper supplier in China.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Aluminum Foil Paper Suppliers?

We are a team of technicians with high skills and innovative engineers who work around the clock to provide you with the best goods and meet your deadlines. Our company can adapt and modify products to match your specific requirements, and can also customize any product for you. We make sure to include any special requests or alterations made by the customer. And it’s because of this that you must choose us among the other aluminum foil paper manufacturers and aluminum foil paper supplier.

Qualities of Our Aluminum Foil Paper

Opaque Material

Our aluminum foil is opaque in nature which means it is an excellent packaging material for the goods of sunlight irradiation.

Non-Toxic Material

As among the high-grade aluminum foil paper manufacturers, we make aluminum foil papers that are non-toxic. And non-toxic materials can be directly in contact with food because it causes no harm to your health. 

Good Plasticity

You can use our aluminum foil paper to pack any type of product because of its plasticity. You can also form it into any shape of a container, which is what sets us apart from other aluminum foil paper suppliers.

For further products, check out our plug wraps because we are among the best-selling plug wrap papers suppliers.


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