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High-Quality Acetate Tow Manufacturers

Golden Leaf Packaging Material Co., Limited is a world-renowned RYO and CBD machinery manufacturer and exporter. Our manufacturing and exporting specializations include cones, rolling sheets, CBD equipment, and other associated items. We have over 20 years of experience in the related business and can provide a flexible solution to your specific demands as one of the leading acetate tow manufacturers. 

What Sets Us Apart From Acetate Tow Manufacturers?

We’re a group of highly qualified technicians and forward-thinking engineers who work around the clock to deliver the best products and meet your deadlines. We can adapt and modify products to meet your individual needs, and we can tailor any product. Any unique requests or changes made by the customer are taken into account. And it’s for this reason that you should choose us over the other acetate tow manufacturers.

Qualities of Our Acetate

Strict Quality Control

Our acetate passes through our in-house quality checking equipment before its approval and delivery. We make sure to follow the quality standards. 

Preserves the aroma

Through our acetate, you can preserve the aroma of cigarettes for a long time. 


To make end-of-life solutions a possibility, we make biodegradable acetate tow in specific environments. Sustainability is the main factor in all our products. This is what sets our name among the top known acetate tow manufacturers in China. 

We have many other products apart from acetate tow, which you can check on our website. So, order products from the best aluminum foil paper suppliers to support your client base. 


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