Papers Used In Cigarette Making

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Following are some kinds of papers that we can use in cigarette making and their properties:

Plug Wrap Paper:

We can use plug wrap paper to wrap the inner acetate tow/PP tow of a cigarette filter, which we can use to filter out as much nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances as possible. If you want to buy the right kind of plug wrap paper, one of the most important things to look at is the range of permeability of the highly porous plug wrap papers. We are one of the best plug wrap papers suppliers in town. 

Aside from this, you should also think about things like mass (gsm), opacity, and texture. Most papers are porous by nature, and their pores form when we made the paper sheet. Even though a lot of the nicotine in cigarettes is destroyed when they are burned, what is left is still bad for smokers.

Standard Cigarette Paper:

We sell cigarette paper on bobbins and in large rolls, from 20 to 120 Coresta Units and from 20 to 30 gsm. The paper can be either smooth or ribbed.

Many countries put in place new rules to meet fire safety standards and lower the risk of fires caused by cigarettes. Because of this, the demand for Low Ignition Paper is always going up. This piece of paper has rings that, when touched, put out fires. Since there is no porosity in the ring, customers must increase porosity to keep the overall porosity at the same level as normal cigarettes. Most of the time, a 70 CU porosity replaces a 50 CU porosity. We are also aluminum foil paper suppliers along with all the papers we supply. 

Coloured Cigarette Paper:

There are colour velin cigarette papers that weigh between 28 and 5 gsm. Most of the time, black or brown papers are use, but we can also give you other colours if you need them. At the moment, there are no coloured papers with a serged edge.

MYO Papers:

For the MYO market, we can offer special paper that can be use to make “cigarette tubes.” These papers are a little different from regular cigarette papers because they are stiffer and usually have a wider bobbin width (28 mm).

RYO Papers:

For the RYO market, there is also a wide range of thin papers for booklets that are white, natural, or coloured and have a grammage of 12,5-13 gsm (most common, 100% hemp or mixed flax) or 14 gsm (rice paper) or 18-20 gsm (wood paper).

People who smoke RYO really like how it looks like semi-transparent veline paper.

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